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Peter Middleton

Creative Block Beaters

Peter Middleton

Welcome to Creative Block Beaters

Compassionate space for healing, growing, co-creating and collaborating through creative blocks.

Who Am I?

I am Peter Middleton. I believe everyone on this planet has a unique talent. That essence allows you to be fully you. Taking steps into the wonder of life involves uncovering that.

My background is music, coaching, writing, and meditation. 

Spending ten years mixing concerts in the music industry, extensive coaching training from the forefront of coaching science, and certifying as a Reiki master healer, has helped me to develop the skills necessary to help you unfold more fulfilment in your life.

I have also been educating myself around the journey of growth of the human spirit; evolving, and maturing, as a human being.  

I help guide people through the issues that are causing them distress, anxiety, and stress. I care deeply about my clients, and the progress that they make in their lives, in whatever arena. I look forward to helping you. Get in touch to learn more.

What is it and why should you join?

The purpose of Creative Block Beaters is to hold safe, loving and compassionate space for the community of fellow creatives. 

To witness, honour and respect the joys and struggles of the process. To rejoice at the emergence of the creative essence, and to support, co-create and collaborate where consent is given. 

In this way we can all feel more belonging, wholeness, inclusivity and connectedness. This will help take our creations to the next level.

Creativity is about expressing life. 

If that resonates with you, then sign on up!

Gratitude To You

To all the collaborators, supporters, big-hearted, compassionate creatives that have contributed their energy to this community, THANK YOU and big GRATITUDE. You are loved and held in reverence. 

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